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ETC Experience: A Taste of Brewed Coffee

Rommel Halcon     23-11-2021 14:39:57

Do you know that the word “coffee” comes from the Arabic word “qahwah” later became “kahveh” in Turkish, and then “koffie” in Dutch, which is where we get the English word “coffee”? Yes, you heard it right. A drink that is consumed by the world over 2.25 billion cups every day originates from Arabic. According to Sheik Abd-al-Kadir, “No one can understand the truth until he drinks coffee’s frothy goodness.” An experience tasted by ETC staff today. Ahmed Al Shukaili, one of the newest members of the network team of CSS, presented and demonstrated a process of preparing coffee manually. There are many ways on how you can achieve a freshly brewed cup of coffee and pour over method is one of them. The method accentuates sophisticated flavors in comparison to other brewing methods. One of the technique under the said method is by using V60. Also known as the V60 coffee dripper that was invented by Hairo in 1921. With ETC HoC Eshaq Al Mandhari in attendance, Ahmed delivers an informative and well-prepared session. Staff in attendance were allowed to perform the process and tasted their result. As the hall was filled with the aromatic fragrance of newly grinded coffee, everyone was eager to undergo the procedure. The pungent taste and aroma of a coffee produced by your first hand brewing experience is truly remarkable.