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-ETC Connect- Newest Magazine to Watch Out

Mr. Rommel Halcon      30-11-2021 14:14:28

Being considered as the technological hub of the university, the center provides not only technical support but also the vast array of current trends in the ICT world. With the continuous advancement of innovation and new breakthroughs happening consistently, ETC is in the position to inform its stakeholders about important facts of technology and how such contrivance will work for us.

As Matt Mullenweg would say, “Technology is best when it brings people together.”, known as the developer of the popular open-source web software WordPress. That is why successful tech industry would not be possible without their clientele. But how can information made available to the public without such channels may it be on paper or online resource.

This is where the centers’ newest pitch takes its standpoint. The ETC “Connect”, our version of an online magazine showcasing the accomplishment, research, works and other competencies of centers’ staff members. The name was a result of a poll wherein suggestions came from the staff and after counting the nomination, Mr. Edson’s proposal came up on top.

The launch will propel ETC to a whole new level of diversity. Making its mark on online publication and information services. The newest addition to UTAS-Nizwa collection of e-magazine will be available before the end of the year.