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A PRIME Project Trainees visit Grand Tulip Hotel

BSD News and Media Committee     02-12-2021 13:40:03

As the PRIME Project of the BSD continues, the participants were taken to an industry visit to gain exposure to real business practices, especially in the lines of sales and marketing in the hospitality industry last Nov. 25, 2021.
The PRIME Project is an 8-week boot camp for students specializing in Marketing where they can hone much needed marketing skills. Currently on its pioneer batch, the 14 student trainees are learning professional presentation skills, customer service delivery and website design.

The visit is conducted in collaboration with the PRIME Project’s main industry partner- Golden Tulip Hotel-Nizwa. The trainees were warmly welcome by no less than the hotel’s general manager, Mr. Sandeep Jaitly. Mr. Jaitly has just been recently awarded as one of the Top General Managers in the GCC hotel industry for 2021 (see ).
The two-hour trip started with a tour around the hotel premises, through the assistance of the hotel’s Marketing and Sales Director, Mr. Vikas Shetty and his associates. This was followed up by an hour lecture about sales and marketing strategy development in the hotel.

The session was very fruitful and the students resonate with what the lecture was about and was able to realize the vastness of the hotel industry and how important marketing and sales skills are.
The hotel generously offered their banquet hall to conduct the lecture and even provided snacks to the delight of all the participants.
On the upcoming weeks, the trainees will be learning more about website development and customer service delivery.