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General Federation of Oman Workers visits the BSD - 24th November 2021

Dr. Sangeetha Natarajan     05-12-2021 14:03:02

As Omanization is being enforced across industries, it has become apparent that the existing workforce needs a mechanism that will support and uphold their rights and help them understand their roles and responsibilities as active members of the labor force. And as students of the BSD will soon join the workforce, the HR Section of the BSD through the efforts of Dr. Sangeetha Natarajan, and the guidance of Dr. Shamsuddin Khutbuddin HR-HoS and Ms. Nahid Al Shukaili, BSD-HoD invited Mr. Saleem Al Hinai, a legal researcher from the General Federation of Oman Workers (GFOW) to discuss about supportive measures and assistance given to workers especially during pandemic, their governing relations and other services.

During the talk, Dr. Sangeetha Natarajan laid emphasis on the essentiality of making the workforce aware of the GFOW and how they can avail of its services.

The session was conducted in Jibreen hall last 24th November 2021. The session was shared live in MS Teams as well. Nearly 50 students and staff members attended the program. The students showed participated actively and benefitted from the enthusiastic and committed industry professional by raising their queries.