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IT Department hosts the webinar on Strategy for Increasing Research Activity: Setting up Research Groups on Wednesday 1st December 2021

Vinodkumar Kakde, IT Dept. Media Committee.      02-01-2022 19:02:03

The IT Department’s, Research & Consultancy Committee hosted a webinar entitled “Strategy for Increasing Research Activity: Setting Up Research Groups”, which was presented by Dr. Francisco Perlas Dumanig, PhD, Assistant Professor/ TESOL Coordinator, University of Hawaii at Hilo.
The invitation to attend this Webinar was sent to all departments of UTAS and the University of Nizwa well in advance. The Webinar started at 10:00 AM on Wednesday 1st December 2021, online, and was attended by staff from all departments in the college.
Dr. Duhai Alshukaili, Head of the Information Technology Department, started the event with a warm welcome to everyone, discussing the significance of the topic in Research and Technology. He discussed the relevance and importance of the session to the audience.
Ms. Manitha introduced the guest speaker Dr. Francisco Perlas Dumanig to the audience.
Dr. Francisco delightedly delivered his presentation and the presentation has guided the audience to set up the research clusters and to improve the research activities internally as well as externally. He shared his thoughts and experience, which will make a great contribution to the department’s research activities and be very beneficial to our staff. Dr. Francisco clarified the Components of Research groups, how to set them up, follow up and carry out the whole research activity, which will be helpful to the audience who are interested in research activities.
The complete session was much interactive and the speaker has answered the audience with utmost patience.

The webinar concluded with the vote of thanks by Dr. Rolando Lontok. The guest was honored by a token of recognition certificate. The Webinar concluded at 12:00 Noon.