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“Brainstorming session to review the goal and objectives of Math courses offered in IT specialization “ , Staff Development Activity, October 20, 2021

Media committee, IT department.     20-01-2022 18:42:15

The activity was conducted by the Math Section of the Information Technology Department under the guidance of Dr. Duhai Al Shukaili, Head of the Information Technology Department.
Ms. Manitha as a coordinator of the event introduced Ms. Shreemathi to the intended participants. mostly the Course Coordinators of Selected IT courses from each level.
Ms. Shreemathi along with her co-presenter Ms. Manitha took over the session, with an introduction to the importance and its relevance of the session. Course Coordinators of Selected IT courses from different levels.
Ms. Shreemathi and Ms. Manitha Rijoexplained the primary objectives of the session which were as follows-
Proposing the Prerequisite knowledge required to achieve or deliver the outcomes of IT/NW courses. Suggesting topological ordering of courses. Recommending suitable prerequisite courses.
Bridging the gap between the IT courses and IT Math Courses in each level with respect to the topics covered in the math course.
Dr. Duhai Al Shukaili appreciated the activity by Ms. Shreemathi and Ms. Manitha with remarks for the valuable inputs and guidance by the course coordinators that will lead to coming up with a good proposal and making changes to the courses. He highlighted the transparent system in the future that will help the colleges/departments to implement quick and good changes to the courses and curriculum.