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Scilab - An Open Source Substitute for MATLAB

Dr. Srinivas Remidi     24-01-2022 13:02:19

The event was conducted by the Math Section of the Information Technology Department under the guidance of Dr. Duhai Al Shukaili, Head of the Information Technology Department.
Ms. Manitha as a coordinator of the event introduced Dr. Srinivas Remidi to the audience.
Dr. Srinivas Remidi took over the session, with an introduction to the SciLab, and its application in the area of research. He introduced the importance of Scilab and the features that can easily be used as a substitute to Matlab. being an open-source tool and easy accessibility, he compared the applicability of Scilab features which can be easily achieved by the budding researchers. Although all features from Matlab cannot be beaten, as a substitute and to serve the basic purpose of beginner, Scilab can be a valuable option.
Dr. Duhai Al Shukaili thanked Dr. Srinivas Remidi for introducing the tool to the budding researchers of the department, and for his valuable contribution to the knowledge enhancement of the participants and future research of the individuals.