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ITD in coordination with Research and Consultancy Committee holds the guidance session on “Block Funding Program- TRC Grants (Call 2022)”

Mr. Vinodkumar Kakde-ITD-Media Committee     02-02-2022 18:13:38

Dr. Tamilselvi Madeswaran, under the guidance of the Research & Consultancy Committee of UTAS-Nizwa, thanked the Head of Information Technology Department and the Head of Sections in the IT Department, for sharing ideas and helping in the organization of the event.
Dr. Tamilselvi as a coordinator of the event, introduced the eminent speaker, Dr. Jehan Murugadhas to the audience, who had been actively involved in the research activities in the department.
Dr. Jehan Murugadhas introduced the purpose and scope of the discussion. He guided the staff on how the proposals were to be drafted, who should be contributing, the members, and the evaluation of the proposals. He enlightened the audience on the proposal evaluation process and the way how the block funding is done by TRC. All proposals will be ranked and accordingly, the funding and financing are allotted. He discussed the maximum amounts that can be claimed for the projects and the maximum duration for completion.
Mr. Arunkumar Kavuru thanked Dr. Jehan for the wonderful guidance and also thanked Dr. Abdullah Al Abri, Chairman of - Research and Consultancy Committee, and the Department Management for arranging this wonderful session that will surely contribute to the University’s Research capabilities. He thanked the department staff for their wonderful contributions in previous TRC Calls and wished success for the TRC Grants- Call 2022.