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BSD Media Committee     24-02-2022 12:43:11

Nizwa, Feb. 22, 2022. As the BSD faculty is encouraged to utilize the full potential of the university’s learning management system (LMS), the BSD e-learning committee in collaboration with the BSD Staff Development Unit organized a one-hour workshop on constructing online quizzes using Moodle. The workshop was designed for the eight faculty members who were hired between 2019-2021.
Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed of the Marketing Section hosted the workshop and was conducted by Mr. Ramesh Krishna, the BSD E-learning Coordinator. Mr. Ramesh concentrated on preparing MCQ’s and other typical questions that are used in online quizzes. He also taught the attendees on how to properly import or export questions from one file type to another and how to store them in the Moodle database.
After discussing how to construct questions, the speaker shifted to teaching the attendees on how to set-up the online quiz. He also explained on the most crucial settings regarding timing, examination restrictions, and review set-up.
The workshop is crucial, especially in times where online delivery of learning remains a possibility and students are also being geared up for more online learning experiences.
The workshop ended at 1:00pm.