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Formulating Research Design Webinar

BSD Media Committee     10-03-2022 15:01:04

As an initiative to improve the research outputs of the students who are enrolled in Senior Project, BSD Senior Project Team conducts regular webinars that tackles the specifics of research writing.
To this end, the team organized a webinar on Formulating Research Design” for the students. This was held last Thursday, March 3rd, 2022. The objective of the program is to orient the students on the components of research methodology., specifically the approaches in research, types of research design, types of data to be collected, sampling design covering details about population, sample unit, size, sampling techniques categorising into probability and non-probability methods.
This technical topic was discussed by Mr. Ishaq Al-Naabi, a language lecturer at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences (Nizwa). Through his experience in research writing and composition, Mr. Ishaq was able to relay to the students the fundamentals of research design and other important technicalities of research writing, specifically in formulating the research design.
Around 60 BSD students participated in the webinar. The session ended with members’ interaction and clarification of queries raised.