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How to prepare Examination Papers based on Bloom's Taxonomy

Dr.Zakia Al Busaidi     16-03-2022 17:56:06

Staff development unit of Engineering department in association with the Human Resource department conducted a webinar on “How to prepare Examination Papers based on Bloom's Taxonomy" on 27th January 2022. The SDU committee extends its benevolence and gratitude to the Resource Person, Dr.Zakia Al Busaidi, Chairperson of Staff Development Unit.
The session started with a welcome address by Dr.Bensujin, Acting Head of Engineering Department. Mr.Raqib Hussain, Member of SDU committee of Engineering Department introduced the speaker.

The session covered the following to enrich the knowledge in setting question papers as per Bloom’s Taxonomy.
Bloom’s Taxonomy describes levels of student learning in three domains which are cognitive, affective, and psychomotor. The cognitive domain has six levels. It starts from the lower to the higher thinking levels. These are Remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate and create. Bloom’s Taxonomy is not just and effective tool to create learning objectives, it also important to generate effective exams. One fundamental method that can be used to create valid exams is Blueprint approach. This approach using exam specification by building table of specification from Bloom’s Taxonomy.
The session ended with the vote of thanks by Dr.KJ.Sabareesan, HoS/M&I Section/Engineering Department.