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Research Motivational Program - MOHERI-BFP Call 2022, Dr. Jehan Murugadhas.

Mr.VinodKumar Kakde     28-03-2022 10:42:11

The Information Technology Department in coordination with the Research and Consultancy Committee, organized a Research Motivational Program, on 08/03/2022 for its students to motivate and to submit their research proposals for MOHERI-BFP Call 2022.
Ms. Suad Abdullah Al-Riyami, HoS, Networking/Internet and E-Security section Introduced Dr.Jehan Murugadhas and his contribution to the department in the field of research and academic activities.
Dr.Jehan Murugadhas took over the session with an explanation about research and concepts of research works. He further discussed the types of research work and the importance of research in the students’ learning path. He guided the students on how to identify the research area and write up a research proposal. Dr. Jehan shared the number of sample research project titles and the scope of the research work. He demonstrated the draft of the research proposal and submission procedures on the TRC website.
Dr. Jehan highlighted the eligibility criteria to the participating students and guided them on how to draft the research proposal, and to compute the budget, and duration of the project under URG.
Ms. Alice M. Lontok, Head of Section, Database and Software Engineering, and Dr. Tamilselvi Madeswaran, ITD-Head, Research, and Consultancy Committee, clarified academic-project requirements and implementations to the participants.
The session's primary objective was to provide a good platform for the students to enhance their knowledge in the upcoming research activities under the valuable guidance provided by the department.
Ms. Alice Lontokthanked Dr. Jehan Murugadhasfor the valuable inputs and knowledge shared with the students.