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Probability Using R Studio Workshop by Mr. Sudeerkumar Kunjukrishnan

Mr.VinodKumar Kakde, IT Media Committee     28-03-2022 10:49:19

The event was conducted by the Math Section of the Information Technology Department under the guidance of Dr. Duhai Al Shukaili, Head of the Information Technology Department. The workshop was conducted as a Staff Development activity to enhance the knowledge on the use of R Studio with respect to Probability and statistics.

Ms. Manitha as a coordinator of the event introduced Mr. Sudeerkumar Kunjukrishnan to the audience.
Mr. Sudeerkumar Kunjukrishnan took over the session, with an introduction to Probability, and its application in the area of research. He introduced the importance of R Studio and the features that can be implemented in the case of probability. He further discussed the importance of Statistical measures and probability distributions and the usefulness for data analytics.

Mr. Sudheerkumar explained with hands-on training for Computation of all descriptive measures, managing script files, importing and working with excel and CSV files. He explained about the working with a data frame and multi-frame histogram, plotting graph, and normal pdf, probability of discrete and continuous probability distribution such as binomial, Poisson, and Normal were also some of the key areas discussed in the workshop. The knowledge shared was indeed an advantage to the participants with respect to their research activities in the department.

Ms. Shreemathi thanked Mr. Sudheerkumar for introducing the tool and its use with respect to Probability and Statistics. His valuable contribution and the knowledge shared will help the participants' future research activities.