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Engineering Department in association with Career Growth Committee conducted a brainstorming session on career growth for engineering students.

Aaisha Mohammed Al-Aisaee & Dr. Shomona Gracia     31-03-2022 10:07:16

Department of Engineering, conducted a Brainstorming session to announce the commencement of a new committee ‘CAREER GROWTH COMMITTEE’ under the able headship of Dr.B.Bensujin, Acting Head of the Department and Head of Section, Electrical & Electronics, UTAS, Nizwa. The meeting had close to 63 registered participants and an attendance of close to 60 student participants from the engineering department.

The meeting was held in the ADAM hall on 21st February, 2022 at 11:00AM. The committee co-ordinator Ms. Aaisha Al-Aisaee, Oil and Gas Lecturer, welcomed the participants and the team members. She introduced the team members to the students and presented an overview of the committee goals and action plan. Mr. Hamza Al-Kindi, Technician, EE Section and Committee member, briefed the students on the skills required to take the different paths after graduation namely employment, higher studies and entrepreneurship.

Ms.Aaisha and Mr. Hamza encouraged the students to express their expectations from the committee and all the team members joined in to converse with the students and gather their views individually. The student members of the engineering society joined in to organize the student participation and distribution/collection of questionnaires. Overall, a positive feedback was received from the audience and great expectations were raised.