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Dr. Mohamed Rafiq     03-04-2022 12:20:22

Under the guidance of Ms.Nahid Al Shukaili BSD-HoD, and the support of Mr. Muruga Prakash Accounting - HoS, an industrial visit to the Tax Authority Office of the Sultanate of Oman was arranged by the Accounting Section. The trip was initiated by Dr.Mohamed Rafiq, the course tutor for Taxation Accounting.

The trip happened last 23rd March 2022 and was attended by Bachelor students who specialize in accounting. The activity supplements the students learning process by enabling them to gain practical exposure in the subject.
A total of 16 students participated in the visit. A special lecture on Taxation in Oman was delivered by Mr. Saheem Habib Salim Al Balushi, (HR Specialist, Tax Authority). He explained various types of taxes in Oman such as the newly introduced tax called VAT, filing of tax returns, corporate taxation in Oman, tax rates, withholding tax and other related topics.

Students raised their inquiries after the talk with Mr. Saheem to which the speaker effectively addressed. At the end of the session, the students and Staff of University of Technology & Applied Science - Nizwa expressed their gratitude and sincere thanks to the resource person Mr. Saheem Al Balushi and all the members of Tax Authority for their valuable support and co-operations to the UTAS-Nizwa. The visit came to an end by around 1 pm on the same day.