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Computer Assembling, Disassembling and Basic Networking workshop, 8th March 2022

Mr. Vinodkumar kakde, IT Dept. Media Committee     04-04-2022 12:23:45

The Information Technology Department under the guidance of Dr. Duhai Al Shukaili, conducted a workshop "Computer Assembling, Disassembling and Basic Networking" Build your first computer- A Hands-on-Session to enhance the skill set of IT students. The workshop was divided into two batches dated March 8 and 22. The targetted audience was the First Year Diploma students, studying Computer Hardware and Networking I courses.

Ms. Suad Abdullah Al-Riyami, Head of Networking/Internet and E-Security introduced the purpose and importance to the students, about the workshop with respect to the courses they are currently studying under N/w and IES Section. Mr. Mohammed Mohideen Kani and Mr. Sivashankar Rathinavelan from the N/w and IES section were the key resources to shoulder the success of the event.

Mr. Mohammed Mohideen Kani divided the session into two parts i.e Computer Assembling and Networking Basics. Mr. Sivashankar Rathinavelan shouldered the responsibility for Computer Assembling, whereas Mr. Mohammed took care of the Networking Basics.

Ms. Suad Abdullah Al-Riyami appreciated the efforts of Mr. Mohammed Mohideen Kani and Mr. Sivashankar Rathinavelan, She thanked them for their idea and successful execution of the workshop. She mentioned these types of workshops will always meet the primary skills requirements in the industry and also the entrepreneurial capabilities of the individuals.