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Engineering Society Students conducted Robotics Workshop for Al-Jawahar school students

Engineering Society     05-04-2022 15:01:48

Robot workshop was conducted on 30th March 2021 at Al-Jawahar School to give them information about robots. The workshop had two parts theoretical explanations about the robots and practical work. Hiba Al-Hinai, AbdulRahman Al Khrusi and Noor Ambusaidi explained the types of engineering followed by AbdulRahman in explaining about the robots.

Al-khatab Al fahdi started the practical session of robot functionalities and explained how the robot truck holds the object. Then Mohammed Al Hadhrami showed the students how we can program the robot to follow the line and showed them how the robot work. After that Khalid Al Nadabi showed them how they can control the robot car. Noor Ambusaidi showed the school students how the sumo robot work.

The event was successful and the school students got benefited. The event ended at 3.30 PM with a token of thanks to the camera man Hamza Al-aghbari, the accompanied staff Ms. Ahlam Al-Nuumani, the technical support by Mr.Jijin lal and the expert guidance by Dr.Ben Sujin.