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Engineering Department Organized a Webinar on “Degradation of Composite Materials (FRPs)”

Dr. Shomona & Ms. Aaisha     31-05-2022 13:57:23

The Department of Engineering, UTAS – Nizwa, organized a National Webinar on “ Degradation of Composite Materials (FRPs)” on May, 24, 2022. Prof. Masatoshi Kubouchi, a well renowned expert researcher in the field of Composite Materials was the invited speaker for the session that commenced at 12:00 noon. The webinar was moderated by Ms.Aaisha Al-Aisaee, Lecturer - Oil & Gas Engineering. Ms.Aaisha warmly welcomed the speaker and the participants, and conveyed the department’s pleasure and honor in having Prof. Kubouchi share his expertise with the participants. Ms.Aaisha then invited Dr.Bensujin, Acting HoD- Department of Engineering, and Head of Section-EE Section, to give the presidential address. Dr.Bensujin greeted the speaker and the participants, expressing his gratitude to Prof.Kabouchi for having accepted the invitation. He thanked all the participants, specially acknowledging the interest of the participants from external institutes. Ms. Aaisha introduced the speaker for the day, Prof. Masatoshi Kabouchi and enlightened the audience on the vast accomplishments of Prof.Kabouchi in the field of composite materials. Ms. Aaisha then invited Prof. Kabouchi to begin the webinar presentation.
Prof. Kubouchi began the webinar by introducing the composite materials and Fiber Reinforced Plastics importance and applications in general and in Chemical industry specifically. Then, explained in details the degradation types of these materials and reactions involved. He presented experimental data from his lab work for further elaboration.
The Q-A session witnessed a lot of questions and discussions from the participants. Prof.Kabouchi, very candidly responded to each question and made the session extremely informative. Post Q-A session, Dr. Sabareesan, Head of Mechanical & Industrial Section, delivered the vote of thanks. Ms.Aaisha received the memento and certificate on behalf of Prof. Kabouchi.
Around 107 staff attended the webinar from different UTAS branches. The participants expressed their appreciation to the event and to the rich information provided by Prof.Kubouchi.
The webinar concluded at 1:40 PM.