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Workshop on "Fatigue Analysis using Ansys Workbench

Khalifa Al Shukaili     08-06-2022 13:53:40

Staff Development Unit of Engineering department in association with the Human Resource department conducted a Workshop on "Fatigue Analysis using Ansys Workbench" on 06th June 2022 to the staffs of M&I section. The SDU committee extends its kindness and gratitude to the Resource Person, Mr. Khalifa Al shukaili, Lecturer, Engineering Department. The session started with a key note address by Dr.Sabareesan, Head of Section/M&I/Engineering Department.
The objective of this workshop is to give insights to the participants about the importance of fatigue in doing structural analysis. The workshop started with introduction of fatigue and its application and it went through the type of fatigue and concepts along with the output that shall obtain to do the analysis. The presenter has gone through the required tasks to complete the fatigue analysis which are selection of materials, geometry, meshing, and boundary condition. Next, the presenter showed the output that must tickled in order to do the analysis in fatigue like available life, fatigue damage, factor of safety and fatigue sensitivity. Lastly, an exercise - connecting rod model was assigned to the participants for practice.
The training program was very informative and cater the needs of all the participants
The session ended with the vote of thanks by Mr.Fakrudeen.J, SDU Coordinator of Engineering department