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IT Department conducts a Webinar for the UTAS staff on Spanning Tree and Dijkstra's Algorithm with applications in IT, Business and Engineering

Vinodkumar Kakde     13-07-2022 09:05:27

The Information Technology Department under the guidance of Dr. Duhai Al Shukaili, Head of IT Department, hosted a webinar titled Spanning Tree and Dijkstra's Algorithm with applications in IT, Business and Engineering.The webinar was presented by Ms. Manitha Rijo from the Maths Section of the Information Technology department.
Dr. Naseer Ahmed Abdul Shukoor, HoS, Maths section, presented the welcome address and highlighted the importance of the webinar. Ms. TamilSelvi Madeswaran introduced the speaker Ms. Manitha Rijo.Ms. Manitha Rijo introduced the topic and its applications from a broader perspective, which can be implemented in a graphical way. She explained the implementation of the Graph Theory and Dijkstra's Algorithm to the audience. She highlighted the evolution of graph theory and its applications with an example of Flights Networks monitoring systems, that help in tracking the traffic and avoiding crashes.
Ms. Manitha further presented the shortest path algorithm and sociograms and Dijkstra's Algorithm with their implementation to get the shortest paths mostly used by google maps application.
Ms. Manitha presented different examples of Dijkstra's Algorithm for a better understanding of implementations and their applications in the real world, also the use of the spanning tree as a mathematical approach to solve these real-time problems.
Ms. Safa Ali Nasser Al Abdali, as a moderator of the event, tracked the session and handled the Q&A session.