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Information Technology Department hosted a Webinar on May 31, 2022, titled "Designing Flipped Classroom"

Vinodkumar Kakde     12-06-2022 18:28:34

The event was conducted by the Information Technology Department under the guidance of Dr. Duhai Al Shukali, Head of the IT Department, and in coordination with the Staff Development Unit at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Nizwa.
Ms. Suad Abdullah Sulaiman Al Riyami, Head of Section, Networking & Internet and E-Security welcomed Dr. Rolando Lontok Jr., Lecturer, Information Security/Networking Section, Information Technology Department, and the participants for the most required mode of the Learning Methods of the era, wherein technology nowadays is playing a vital role in Education.

Dr. Jehan Murugadhas briefly introduced Dr. Rolando Lontok Jr. and his varied experience in the field of Teaching and Learning and implementation of numerous modes of learning methods in UTAS and on international platforms.
The primary objective of the webinar was to discuss the subject matter of recycling videos produced from previous online classes to implement the Flipped Class Approach (FCA) in selected course topics.
The presenter, Dr. Rolando, started the session with an initial introduction about what is Flipped Classroom. He emphasized that to effectively implement the flipped class approach, the teacher needs to give a commitment, as the implementation requires providing time and effort to develop the components required for the flipped classroom environment. He highlighted the added value of this method of delivery, as it reinforces student-centered learning, which is one of the prime advocacies of the University.
Dr. Rolando then proceeded to discuss recycling videos from previous online classes. He said that in this day and age, there is an abundance of video editors, particularly on the Internet, and it is just a matter of one’s preference which video editor to use. He then showed how he used the videos he edited from his previous online classes by giving a walkthrough on the FCA implementation in one of his courses.
Dr. Rolando presented how he organized the components of FCA in his implementation. He also gave importance to the inclusion of the “Test Your Knowledge” component for each video, as well as the “Feedback” part, which allows him to improve each part of the implementation.
The presentation was followed by a discussion on some concerns of the participants regarding FCA implementation, such as the technology and application requirement, the assessment, and the actual implementation of “flipping” the teaching-learning process.
Ms. Sonia Soans, Coordinator, Staff Development Unit, proposed the vote of thanks.