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BSD Specialization Committee and SDU team up for Course Specialization Meeting By: BSD News and Media Committee

Elbert Bryan Roceta Vidal     02-10-2022 10:07:17

The BSD, through the combined initiative of the BSD Specialization Committee and the SDU held a meeting to discuss the recent changes to the degrees, course offerings and curriculum that will take effect from Semester 1, AY 2022-2023. This meeting was upon the instruction of the Ho DMs. Nahid al Shukaili and HoS’ Ms. Turkiya Al Busaidi (Marketing), Ms. Hajar al Nabhani (HR) and Mr. Muruga Prakash (Accounting). The meeting was held on 15th of September 2022.
Upon the decision of the authorities, certain revisions had to be made to make the academic programs offered by the UTAS system be more relevant and fit the requirements of the industries. In effect, these changes also streamlined the academic requirements of the students to finish a degree and at the same time enable them to learn the skills and knowledge required in their chosen career path.
The meeting was divided into three groups i.e. Accounting Section, Marketing Section and HR Section. Dr. Mohamed Rafiq and Dr. Edwin Premkumar conducted the meeting for the Accounting Section, Mr. Radhakrishnan Subramaniam and Dr. Vishnukanth Rao facilitated the meeting for the Marketing Section and Dr. Mohammed Kuthpuddin and Dr. Sangeetha TR conducted the meeting for the HR Section.
The meeting aimed more at making the faculty members aware of the upcoming changes and decisions made by the authorities to the curriculum. They were also advised to prepare to contribute to the development of the course materials for the new courses.
It is anticipated that future meetings will be conducted about the matter in the near term. The hour-long meeting concluded at around 1:30pm.