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BSD Project Committee readies students for writing Senior and Graduation research projects

Dr. Sangeetha Natarajan     25-10-2022 09:35:40

The BSD Project Committee has started its recurring student research fora, for students pursuing projects and research. The first meeting was on conducted on 20th September 2022, at B209 at 12 noon, was participated by 80 students. This series was conducted until the month of October 2022.
The first session which was organized last 27th of September at the Jibreen hall, was an orientation to project and research students. The first session was presented by the chairman of the BSD Project Committee, Dr Sangeetha Natarajan. She elaborated the rules and regulations to be followed during the project preparation and emphasized on different phases of reviews, work processes, stages of evaluation and the plan of actions for the current semester.
The second session was handled by Dr.V.Vishnukanth Rao, who talked about the topic,” How to write a Research Proposal”. He explained the audience, the contents of a project proposal that includes, topic selection, review of past literature, objectives, research methodology, research tools, limitations of the study and schedule of the project along with chapter outline.
The forum was continued last October 11, 2022, with a lecture on ‘How to write Literature Review”. The session was chaired by the chairperson of Senior Project Committee, Dr. Sangeetha Natarajan and other members, Dr. Vishnukanth Rao, Dr. Mohammed Rafiq and Dr.Renjith Kumar.R.
The speaker of the workshop, Dr. Renjith Kumar.R briefed the methods in which literature reviews can be sourced and how it has to be presented in the report. The speaker also shared the number of literature reviews used in the report and the key points to be followed. The presentation also focused on how to make an abstract of empirical studies and how it should be presented for viva voce too. Around 75 students participated in the program. The workshop was concluded with a discussion of answering the queries of the project students where all the questions were addressed.