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Engineering Department conducted Enlightenments on Writing a Professional CV and cracking the employment opportunities

Dr.Shomona & Aaisha Al-Aisaee     25-10-2022 09:38:53

The Career Growth Committee (CGC) of the Department of Engineering, UTAS- Nizwa organized a workshop that aimed at enhancing the CV writing skills of graduating students on October 11th. Ms. Haifa Al-Zubaidi, Head – Awareness and Guidance Section, Centre for Career Guidance, SQU was the invited speaker for the session. Ms.Aaisha – Lecturer (M&I Section), Co-coordinator of the CGC was the moderator for the workshop. She warmly welcomed the gathering and thanked the audience for their interest and involvement. Dr.Bensujin, Head of Engineering Department, thankfully welcomed the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr.Ibrahim Al-Siyabi. Dr.Ibrahim expressed his delight that Ms. Haifa accepted their invitation and consented to present her technical expertise in career guidance and presented a memento along with certificate of appreciation to her. The workshop received attendance of around 75 students. Furthermore, it was lively podcasted with other UTAS branches.
In the workshop, Ms.Haifa clearly outlined the basic nature of a CV and why it played an important role in cracking job opportunities. She portrayed the structure of a professional CV and explained the different facets of highlighting professional skills in an alluring manner. She urged the student community to develop effective communication skills and to be an active part of established professional networks. Also, to keep updating their CVs regularly. The session was followed by Q-A session and students/staff made the most of it by interacting with Ms.Haifa. At the close of the workshop, Ms.Aaisha, delivered the vote of thanks and acknowledged with gratitude the time and efforts of Ms. Haifa in making the workshop so expedient for the audience.