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UTAS-Nizwa enriches research capabilities of its community

Elbert Bryan Roceta Vidal     27-10-2022 11:38:12

Nizwa, Oman. To bolster the research output and capabilities of the UTAS-Nizwa faculty members and students, the University’s Staff Development Unit, chaired by Ms. Turkiya Al Busaidi launched a 10-week workshop on second-generation statistical analysis. This workshop is conducted with the full support of the UTAS-Nizwa administration headed by its Dean, Dr. Hafedh Said Abdullah Al Rahbi. The workshop is conducted at the Educational Technologies Center of the University and will be held from October 20, 2022 to December 15, 2022.
The workshop encourages the participants to conduct research that applies advanced statistical analysis including but not limited to structural equation modelling, path analysis. The workshop urges researchers to go beyond measuring statistical significance by applying advanced analysis such as model fit, power analysis and effect size. These advanced statistical analysis are very useful in the field of behavioral science and can be applied in various research settings, scenarios and research methods and can be very useful in studies related to business, engineering and information technology among others.
The workshop is conducted by Dr. Muhammed Tahir of the HR Section of the Business Studies Department, UTAS-Nizwa. The workshop is well-attended by the faculty members from all the academic units of the university.
Endeavors such as this will be beneficial not only to the academia but may benefit the outside community especially if industry-based researches that are being conducted will utilize these advanced statistical analysis.