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Software License Agreement between KAPPA and UTAS-Nizwa, Engineering Department

Mr. Mohammed Ismail Iqbal     14-11-2022 10:50:52

The Engineering Department feels proud to announce the software license agreement between KAPPA and UTAS-Nizwa Mr. Olivier Houze, Managing Director of Kappa and Dr. Hafedh Said Al Rahbi, Dean of the Institute, UTAS-Nizwa signed the agreement on 10 th of October 2022. KAPPA granted the educational type, network license to use 6 software (Saphir NL, Topaze NL, Rubis, Azurite, Emeraude, Citrine) for 25 users worth 6 Million Euros. This valued software will be used in the mechanical engineering and oil and gas engineering programs especially in the production, oil and gas workshop practice courses. The university is benefitted from the donation to undertake relevant research activities and to support the teaching, receiving first- hand experience of industry standard software.
UTAS-Nizwa pays sincere thanks to KAPPA for this generous donation and hopes to collaborate together in other domains in near future.