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Research Motivational Programs Report

Dr. Tamilselvi      29-11-2022 10:06:55

ITD Research and Consultancy Committee has organized a Research Motivational Program, to explain the details of various funded research programs and specifically, the MOHERI-BFP Call 2023 on 16/11/2022 from 12.00 pm to 1.00 pm for the students to motivate to submit their research proposals. It was presented by a member of ITD RCC, Dr. Jehan Murugadas.

Dr. Nasser Al Mur Mattar AL Hadhrami, a Member of the ITD Research and Consultancy committee introduced the presenter Dr.Jehan Murugadhas and welcomed him to do the presentation.
Dr. Jehan Murugadhas has given a detailed presentation where he explained various concepts of research, types of research, areas of interest in the current trend, and the role of research in human life. He has guided and motivated the students through his presentation, with various slides, where students can learn how to identify the research area, author a research proposal, and apply in TRC etc., The presenter has shared various sample research project titles and the scope of the research work that may contribute towards the achievement of vision 2040. Also, the presenter highlighted the sample research proposal and submission procedures to the TRC.

Dr. Jehan has enlightened the eligibility criteria of students, who can submit the research proposal, budget, and duration of the project under URG.

After the presentation, Dr. Tamilselvi Madeswaran, Coordinator of the ITD Research and Consultancy committee explained that the selected student’s project from the MOHERI-BFP can be used as the B.Tech project and has encouraged the students to utilize the opportunity as they can get funds for their research.

Mr.Aruna Kumar Kavuru, another Member of the ITD Research and Consultancy committee has submitted the vote of thanks, where he has thanked Dr. Jehan for the wonderful presentation. He also has submitted his gratitude to the Head of ITD Dr. Duhai, the Head of College RCC Dr. Wisam, and the previous head of RCC Dr. Abdullah Al Abri, along with the ITDC, for arranging such a useful session that will surely contribute to the University’s Research capabilities.

The session was concluded with supporting and motivational words from Dr. Nasser Al Hadhrami to the students.