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UTAS – Nizwa Conducted training for Nizwa Hospital Staff on “Data Analysis with SPSS”

Mr. L.Vijaya Saradhi     29-11-2022 10:04:36

The Industrial and Community Linkage Committee (ICLC) of the IT Department arranged a two days training program “Data Analysis with SPSS” for the Nizwa Hospital staff. This training was jointly organized by Nizwa Hospital and UTAS- Nizwa on the 21st and 22nd of November 2022 at Nizwa Hospital premises.

Nizwa hospital is an Independent Regional Referral Hospital of the Ministry of Health designated to meet the health care needs of mainly the people of Ad Dakhiliyah Region, and partly the neighboring Regions. Past 24 years Nizwa Hospital serving the nation with one of its primary core values “Ensure good treatment to patient safety and confidence.” Nizwa Hospital is committed to providing high opportunities for quality training and education for its staff.

The training session started with a warm welcome of Mr. Salim Al Burtamani, HOD-Professional Development & Career Guidance Department. The training was conducted by Mr. Sunil Prakash Pillai, IT Department – Math Section, UTAS-Nizwa.
The training focused on how to manage and analyze the survey data/sample data set from IBMSPSS using suitable statistical techniques such as checking the association of nominal data using chi-square test of independence, and correlation between dependent and independent variables, how to build the multiple regression models, ANOVA techniques, and post-hoc tests for ANOVA and vice versa. Demonstrated how to check the assumptions of multivariate techniques including normality test equal variance assumptions and multi-collinearity.

A team of 21 enthusiastic medical professionals including doctors, nurses, and other staff of Nizwa Hospital participated in this training.
The session was concluded with supporting and motivational words from Dr. Khalifa Al Shaqsi, Hospital Director to the Participants.