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BSD Project Team conclude Research Workshop Series

Dr.Sangeetha Natarajan     05-12-2022 10:27:40

The BSD Project Team continued its workshop series for the students enrolled in the courses Senior Project and Research Methodology. Session #4 was conducted on 18th October 2022 on the topic, “Formulating Research Design” at 12 noon. Dr Mohammed Rafiq, Member of BSD Project Committee, addressed the process of research design preparation. The objective of the program is to orient the students on the components of research methodology, that includes the approaches in research, types of research design, types of data to be collected, sampling design covering details about population, sample unit, size, sampling techniques categorizing into probability and non-probability methods. The session ended with members’ interaction and clarification of queries raised.
Session #5 was conducted on “Data cleaning and Analysis using MS Excel on 29th November 2022 by Mr. Ramesh Krishna, Lecturer, Marketing Section, CEBA, UTAS Nizwa. The aim of the program is to impart knowledge on effective use of MS excel for data cleaning and analysis. It helped the students to know about steps to be followed on cleaning the collected data, followed by analyzing the data using the tools available in excel. Features like Analysis Toolpack, Pivot table, standard deviation, arithmetic mean and their use in analyzing the data was explained to the students. Alongside the type of Likert scale questions, its tabulation and inference of conclusions were also explained in the program.