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IT Department conducted International Webinar titled “Cybersecurity for 5G and 6G Technologies”

Dr. Mohammed Naheed     15-12-2022 10:36:51

On 8th November 2022, an International Webinar titled “Cybersecurity for 5G and 6G Technologies” was organized and conducted by the Information technology Department through MS Teams platform for faculties and students of UTAS - Nizwa. The resource person for the webinar was Dr. Nicolas Sklavos, Associate Professor of Computer Engineering and Informatics Department (CEID), Polytechnic School, University of Patras, Hellas (Greece). The Webinar started with a warm welcome of speaker Dr. Nicolas Sklavos, students and staff of UTAS by Mrs.Sonia Soans, Lecturer and Staff Development Committee Head of Information Technology Department. The introduction about the resource person was rendered by Dr. Rolando JR M Lontok, Head of Scientific and Research Events Organizing Committee of Information and Technology Department. He was also the moderator of the webinar.
The guest speaker started the session by explaining the importance of Cybersecurity for 5G and 6G in current scenario and security is a priority by all means for wireless networks industries because threats’ and accidents are part of everyday reports. The speaker instated that 5G telecommunication will associate privacy and confidentiality at almost all layers, as it contains disclosed information and explained the requirements for 5G and 6G respectively in detail.
We are about to witness soon the first incarnation of 5G/6G technologies. It provides many breakthrough capabilities that will enable it as a preferred platform for the digitized business of the future. Solid and centralized security is one of the strongest key aspects of the legacy 5th Generation networks, and the same is expected for the 6G. This cannot be achieved, however, solely by adapting those secure, proven cybersecurity functionalities and features of the 5G standard. The new business application ecosystem of 6G will drive cybersecurity to its limits. In this work, we will show the major security threats that will jeopardize the security capabilities of the 5G/6G platform. We will depict the main standardization progress so far, together with the discussed cybersecurity architecture design strategy for the 5G/6G. We conclude this area topic by providing the most advanced security considerations and challenges for the future of 5G/6G cybersecurity.
Many staff members participitad in this most interactive webinar. Few queries were placed before the resource person and he cleared all of them.
The webinar ended with the vote of thanks extended by Mrs. Alice Lontok, Head of Information Technology section. The coordinator of the event was Mrs. Sonia Soans, head of Staff Devvelopment Committee, IT department, UTAS-Nizwa.