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Engineering Department conducted a training program on Changing dynamics in HSE practices

Mr. G. C. Mohapatra     05-02-2023 07:51:42

The staff development unit of Engineering department in association with the Human resource department conducted a training program titled "Changing dynamics in HSE practices" on 31st January 2023, for all the academic staff. The SDU committee extends sincere appreciations and gratitude to the Resource Person, Mr. G. C. Mohapatra, Lecturer in Chemistry, Engineering Department for agreeing to do a training session on this very relevant topic and sharing his knowledge and observations.
The session started with a welcome address by Dr.KJ.Sabareesan, Head of Section, M&I section, Department of Engineering, who stressed the importance of conducting the SDU activities for the academic staff and the benefits harnessed out of it, especially with offline SDU activities. The Engineering SDU committee member Mr. Taufeeq Ahmed had presented a short introduction about the speaker and his expertise to the audience.
In this training session, the speaker stressed on the contemporary issues relating to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) practices and the implications of sustainable change that are being introduced for a better work environment. Through his talk, he was focusing on the relevance of this topic, as because of the growing urbanization, a boom in infrastructure investment; ever-increasing global demands for oil and gas, and diversification of the energy mix into renewables, all contributed to the fact that the Middle East is now undergoing dynamic changes in HSE practices. Whatever be the industry sector, it was made very clear to all attendees that managing and controlling workplace HSE risks involves a challenge for the company or office.
Meanwhile, he also pointed out that there is no single specified style of implementing the technology practices in HSE, as the changes in practices are dynamic in nature and it will always be aimed at going to the next level in a much more productive way. HSE, being an important issue at the work place undergoes modified practices and new parameters are introduced for easing the applications and multiplying the safety factor to a big extent. He concluded by saying that change is always directed either by technical and regulatory evolutions or motivated by processes that the organizations wish to implement to boost HSE practices. The session was followed by an interactive Q & A session, and the moderator thanked the audience for their very active participation.
In the end of the session, on behalf of SDU committee, Dr. Preethy gave vote of thanks message and thanked the speaker for his very informative and interesting session.