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QAC - CEBA Meeting on Action Plan Alignment with the Department Operational Plan

Abdulkadir Shehu Abdulwahab     09-02-2023 11:10:09

The Quality Assurance Committee of the College of Economics and Business Administration Nizwa (QAC - CEBA) met with its internal committees last February 1, 2023 to discuss about the state of their quality assurance processes in relation to the 2023 CEBA Operational Plan. The QAC - CEBA Chair, Ms. Kavitha Rajan, the members of the committee (Mr. Ubais Parayil, Mr. Nasser Salim Obaid Al Abri, and Mr. Abdulkadir Shehu), and all of the BSD committee chairs or their representatives were present at the meeting.
The team talked about the existing standards and practices during the discussion and highlighted their past accomplishments and difficulties in implementing their plans.
Future prospects about quality assurance activities, and other modifications to the action plan were also tackled. The timetable for putting these plans into action as well as the difficulties they might encounter were also covered. These efforts will be put into action as the internal audit, which is scheduled on March 2023 may lay impetus on these areas.
In relation thereto, the QAC - CEBA team also talked about forthcoming audits and the protocols that must be followed for a fruitful and legal audit. They also talked on the necessity of updating documentary evidences about committee accomplishments on a monthly basis.
The QAC - CEBA promised to keep pursuing excellence in its quality assurance procedures as the meeting came to a close. The QAC - CEBA acknowledged their gratitude for the help and understanding of their chair, Ms. Kavitha Rajan, and the other committee chairs.