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Learning aid Training for 21st Century Learners

Ms. Rajani James     28-02-2023 12:39:16

The Staff Development Unit (SDU) realizes that today’s learners have different learning styles and needs and therefore new approaches to teaching and learning also have to be set in place. Anchoring on this idea, the SDU conducted training on Learning Aids Development last 23 February 2023.
Ms. Aminah Abd Razak, Lecturer Marketing Section was the resource person for the training which was delivered in two slots to accommodate the lecturers who were not free for that specific time allocation. Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed, one of the members of the SDU Committee welcome the participants while Dr. Edwin Premkumar, also from the SDU committee, introduced the resource person.
Ms. Aminah presented the NLP concept on the representational system and learning styles as the basis for developing teaching slides. According to her, this system when used in a classroom setting, can cater to different learning styles. She also emphasized the importance of having standardized teaching slides and checklists to enhance the quality of teaching materials. The training was attended by the lecturers of the College of Economics & Business Administration. At the end of the training Ms Hajar Al Nabhani, HoD presented the vote of thanks.