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The Basics of Benchmarking

Elbert Bryan R. Vidal     02-03-2023 09:21:01

As the College of Economics and Business Administration (CEBA) and the whole University of Technology and Applied Sciences-UTAS, strive for excellence in teaching and learning, research and consultancy and community outreach, various interventions are continuously introduced to the system to enhance and develop a more relevant and responsive university culture.

Such interventions include the recently held Basics of Benchmarking seminar which was held on the 28th of February 2023 at the Jibreen Hall, UTAS-Nizwa. The seminar came at an opportune time as the CEBA has recently just introduced new academic programs. This seminar is of great importance to the university and this was shown by the full support of the UTAS-Nizwa Dean, Dr. Hafedh said Abdullah Al Rahbi and UTAS-Nizwa Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ibrahim Nasser Hussain Al Siyabi, who attended the event.

The seminar was conducted impressively as it was no less than the Dean of the Al Zahraa College for Women, Dr. Mussalam Ali Salim Al Maani who was invited as the guest speaker. Sharing about his stellar experience and achievement in the academia, Dr. Mussalam generously gave his insights and professional lessons in benchmarking in higher education institutions (HEI’s). Dr. Mussalam has extensive knowledge in this field, having served administrative positions at the Sultan Qaboos University as head for the premiere university’s academic programs.

On the onset, Dr. Mussalam discussed about the ground work and rudiments of effective benchmarking initiatives. He emphasized on the types of benchmarking, the selection of ideal institutions to benchmark from and the importance of establishing a network who will be willing to share their own experiences and be chosen as a benchmark.

In the conclusion of the seminar, Dr. Lenin Kumar Nooney, delivered the vote of thanks, in behalf of the almost 50 members of the faculty and staff who were in attendance. The University, through CEBa extends their gratitude to the UTAS administration and most especially to Dr. Mussalam for sharing his expertise.