Administrative Services

The Administrative Affairs Department of NCT performs all administrative works and services and clerical services. It comprises of the college store and the maintenance and services section.

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Administrative Dept. Page

Administrative Services

  • Transportation

    NCT works toward providing transportation service for: post transfer; students’ visits for on-job training; emergency cases; company visits for conducting research; transport for participating in external events and activities; etc.

    Contact Office:
    Murshid Al Mufargi
  • Store

    The store receives, keeps, and manages the materials purchased for the college. It eventually manages to distribute the required materials to each department/center, as well as supplying them with the required materials for the next academic year.

    Contact Office:
    Suliman Said Amer Ambosaidi
  • Maintenance

    Maintenance services follow-up the college properties in terms of electrical, electronics, and furniture, etc., and provides technical and periodical maintenance to it.

    Contact Office:
    Abdullah Al-Hinai
  • Accommodation

    Housing office provides housing services and accommodations for the college staff, visitors and graduated students during preparation for graduation ceremony. The office is committed to provide clean and comfortable accommodation for the stakeholders.

    Contact Office:
    Khalid al-Mahrouqi
  • Cleanliness Services

    Cleanliness Services work towards keeping a clean and healthy environment in the college campus through making contracts with specialized companies. However, the office is committed to follow up the cleaning companies in order to provide quality cleaning service.

    Contact Office:
    Cleaner office
  • Catering & Nutrition Office

    Catering and nutrition office works to make contracts with specialized companies and restaurants to provide the daily meals for staff, students and visitors. Also, the main function of the office is to follow-up the quality service of the restaurants inside the campus.

    Contact Office:
    Hilal Al-Tobi
  • Security Guards

    The main responsibility of the security guards is to keep the campus safe and secure from any expected or unexpected issues of crimes or corruption. Also they manage the entrance gate and guard the college from any unauthorized people.

    Contact Office:
  • Gardens and Gardening

    Green spaces have a significant impact in human psychology. Gardening office works to make contracts with gardening companies and follows up to take care of plants and cover the campus areas with plants and green grass.

    Contact Office:
    Talal Al-Sheibani