IT Support Services

NCT provides IT services for staff and students through the Educational Technologies Center (ETC). The center has specialist teams that provide support and services on different IT fields such as network and Internet, electronic services, web and application development, SharePoint and technical support.

IT support

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Technical Support & Helpdesk

IT Support Services team provides technical support to students, faculty and staff of NCT that is related to computer and network concerns. Our technical team is knowledgeable and can often solve your query immediately.

Our team services include:

  • Computer problems (Hardware & Software)
  • Network and Internet problems
  • IT security issues
  • IT consultation and guidance

Moreover, an “Online Helpdesk System“ is available for staff to send their requests about other IT & Educational Services issues.

Online Helpdesk

Network & Internet

The network team works to design, implement and maintain a secure, reliable and proficient wired and wireless college network system. Our purpose is to provide staff and students with secure access to network resources available on campus and through the Internet.

Network Services

  • 100mbps of Internet bandwidth speed through out the campus
  • Computer & Network login (username & password for each staff & student)
  • Email & online applications servers’ connectivity
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – VDI-  for computer labs (VDI refers to the process of running a user desktop inside a virtual machine that lives on a server in the datacenter. it enables fully personalized desktops for each user with all the security and simplicity of centralized management.) Ref.
  • File Storage students and staff
  • Supports various network equipment i.e. network switches and routers, UPS, wireless access points, cabling, fiber optic and other network related resources
  • Conduct training for students in networking

Information & Network Security

The network & information security team is responsible for ensuring the college computers, network and user information are safe and secure. It’s committed to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of college stakeholders’ information. The team endeavor to keep the college safe from virus attack or malicious email and hackers as they installed network firewalls & antivirus software on servers & all machines running the Managed Windows Service (MWS) and automatically downloaded to connected computers via network.


Every student & staff will have an ID & password to login to the college network and access the different online applications and services that the college provides. This services includes:

  • Online Helpdesk
  • HR System
  • Store System (accessed only by Store Staff)
  • Staff Appraisal
  • OJT System
  • Library System
  • SAC System (accessed only by SAC Staff)
  • eManagement
  • Clinic System (accessed only by Clinic Staff)
  • Graduation System (accessed only by Registration Staff)
  • Transport System
  • Asset Tracking System
  • Maintenance System
  • Student Management System

NCT Website Team

Web Development

The NCT Web Team’s functions is to design, manage and update the college website and other webpages required and requested by the college stakeholders.

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Microsoft SharePoint Development

A Microsoft SharePoint Service is a common collaboration platform for customized web applications. It's provides online documents storage, management and collaborative tool for managing team projects.

SharePoint provides built-in apps that can be customize and connected with external data by users to accomplish their specific needs.

The SharePoint Team’s functionality is planning & developing a collaborative system which connect users and provide online apps for college staff and students such as project managements, managing teams, sharing documents and tasks follow-up. Also, it aims to convert the traditional paper based forms of college documentations to be online forms under one SharePoint platform.