Student Allowance

A Student Allowance is a monthly payment to help the students in their living expenses during their study period. Every student of UTAS-Nizwa will get allowance. However, there are rules and criteria about allowance rates depending on student region or state.

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Rules and Criteria About Allowance Rates

There are two categories of allowance rates which depend on the distance zone of student residence from college location. If the student's residence distance is more than 50 kilometers, then he/she will get 90 OMR as monthly allowance. If the student’s residence distance is less than 50 kilometers, then he/she will get 45 OMR as monthly allowance. However, exceptions may be applied for a student who is living on a region less than 50 KM but difficult to reach such as mountains or valleys, in this case he/she will get 90 RO.

Procedures for Obtaining Allowance:

  1. The student must have his/her personal bank account (recommended in Bank Muscat) or must open a new personal bank account in Bank Muscat.
  2. The new registered student will receive SMS message that informs him/her to update required information.
  3. The required documentation to upload includes (personal photo, copy of the identity card, a certificate of good conduct, bank account & a copy of ATM card)
  4. The department of finance will collect the data of student accounts from the system, & will credit the student allowance directly into student bank account every month.

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